It is easy to claim success. But hearing directly from clients who have worked with their Executive Coach about actual results achieved helps to understand the benefits and rewards. Leadership Development and paradigm shifting takes careers and team engagement to an entirely new level.  Here are just some examples:

Jane, “It was great to have follow up material/tools provided after many of the sessions to assist with learning between sessions. I enjoyed the flexibility in regards to what the focus of each session needs to be. There were some key principles/approaches that were shared that really resounded with me.”



“Nance is a rare gem of a coach. Her business and leadership experience makes her very valuable to any leader she is coaching. In the time we have worked together, I have come to deeply respect Nance’s wisdom and calm presence. She brings a level of professionalism to every conversation that draws out the best in those around her. I am confident that anyone lucky enough to work with Nance will be changed for the better, and will always remember her bright mind and kind heart.”


“Nance is an accomplished executive coach. Working with her, you will feel valued and like you have a supportive friend at your side at all times. She helped me strive to develop self-awareness which allowed me to communicate better with my staff. She challenged my own paradigms and helped me to think with new focus that helped me create more success in my business. I feel very lucky she has been my coach and confidant.”

Nance, “ thank you for being such a positive person, thank you for always believing in me and for always keeping me grounded. You are an amazing professional with a very kind heart.
Thank you so much for helping me during a very rough time in my life and for helping me find my Dream Job.”

Nance, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support and guidance you have given me. I am truly grateful.”

Nance, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support and guidance you have given me. I am truly grateful.”


“Julian has been coaching me for the last few months. He has given me a greater level of awareness and the structure and support he provides have helped me to clarify my vision as CEO. This gives me the confidence to move forward during a time of complete and very positive change.”


“Over the past few months I engaged Julian Humphreys as an executive coach, as I am transitioning in my professional life from a professional service provider to a chief executive managerial role in the firm. During the 3 months of coaching we explored both my positive and negative personality traits so that I can better reconcile them and get to a more optimal place in both my professional and personal life. At the conclusion of the 3 months I feel I am better equipped to recognize my ‘saboteurs’ and the role they play in thwarting my desire to embrace new challenges and find purpose after many years of successful professional practice.”

“I have really enjoyed my coaching with Louise. So far, I have completed 2 programs – the Leadership Circle 360 Profile and the Intentional Living Program. I plan to continue in the fall with a 3rd session as I learn more about myself each time we meet.”


“The 360 Profile is a great tool to help learn about and develop oneself. Louise, with her extensive knowledge and expertise, helped make the words “pop” off the page and come alive and provide a better personal insight. We confirmed my known qualities and revealed unknown ones and other information about myself which is helping me to become a better person and leader as Chief of Operations. I am taking the summer to incorporate everything into my daily routine and will meet Louise again in September to see how I have progressed. I thank Louise for showing me the way and providing me the support in my personal journey to improve myself.”

“I have worked with Louise one-on-one and with my staff team. I admire how actively she listens and is able to identify issues, barriers and fears that were ultimately holding me and my team back from reaching our true potential. She peeled back these layers in a compassionate way, giving us the tools to put our desires into action. I gave us the confidence to make decisions and set a clearly defined path for success.”

“I highly recommend Brian to anyone interested in improving their performance as he is a great coach and also a great listener. Brian provided me with excellent tools and resources to guide my entrepreneurial transition and business growth.”


“I would recommend Brian to anyone looking to take themselves and their talents to the next level. In a very personable way, Brian helps you ask the right questions so that you start to see opportunities for yourself and the team you lead.”

“I have enjoyed our face-to-face coaching sessions and have always felt that I can share information in a confidential setting with Brian. The respect and trust that Brian creates is essential for open communication.”

“I have had the pleasure of being coached by Stephen for 10 weeks as part of a new initiative launched by the Halton HRPA Chapter. During this time, it was evident that Stephen was passionate about working with others. He has a natural ability to build up someone’s confidence and bring out the best in them. Stephen was professional in his coaching approach and would continue to motivate and encourage me to step outside of my comfort zone and seek out additional resources build myself up as an HR professional. At the end of the 10 week coaching session, I was able to secure employment and it was due to the time and attentiveness that Stephen provided to me. It was such an enjoyable experience to work with Stephen I would highly recommend him without reservation.”

J.T. Burlington


“As a result of my working with Wendy, I now believe in myself, ask the right questions at the right time and have helped my team embrace change. I would recommend Wendy to any leader looking to take their leadership to the next level.”

NATIONAL Not-for-Profit Director, Programs and Operations


“Ranked as Ontario’s fastest growing large municipality, our people are critical to stable financial management and the ongoing growth…..With Claudia’s expertise, advanced approaches were applied to a wide range of real-life scenarios by gently challenging routines, clarifying communication and emphasizing physiological responses. By utilizing these new tools, the approaches will improve efficiency, build trust and empower my teams for improved performance and outcomes. Thank you Claudia for sharing your impressive body of knowledge and skills.”

Manager, Financial Services