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Canadian employees have mixed emotions about impact of AI on career, skills: survey

Source: Canadian employees are feeling a mixture of emotions about the use of generative artificial intelligence, with 27 per cent saying it will have a positive impact on their career and 17 per cent worried it will make their skills obsolete, according to a new survey by Robert Half Inc.

Employers need to embrace career development to build a decent work future

Source: Candy Ho: Decent work is more than just good compensation and work conditions As we move into the second half of 2023, Canadian organizations and their employees are facing an uncertain outlook.

Home sick: How hybrid workplaces and employees can navigate flu season

Source: While many workplaces have shifted to hybrid setups coming out of the pandemic, employment experts say workers should be cautious about using that added flexibility to work from home when feeling sick. It’s a situation that some observers of remote work trends predict could become more prevalent as companies increasingly make their hybrid arrangements permanent.

How to handle conflict of interest concerns in the workplace

Source: What constitutes a conflict of interest? Employment lawyer weighs in BBC chairman Richard Sharp recently resigned from his post after a report found he’d “failed to disclose potential perceived conflicts of interest” over supposed dealings with then Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Many young Canadian professionals are at a mental health ‘breaking point,’ new study finds

Source: A recent report published by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has found that five million young professionals in Canada are in need of mental health support, advising businesses and organizations to invest more into employee wellbeing. “There’s still a lot of stigma in discussing mental health. Young people especially, are feeling discouraged from presenting the issues that they’re facing right now,” Genevieve Bonin, co-author of the report and managing director and partner at BCG told “Organizations do care greatly about the health and well being of their employees, and I think this is now a very open topic for many organizations. But organizations are very slow to recognize the extent of the crisis, so they don’t necessarily have an overarching strategy.”

Canadian employers are struggling to attract people back to the workplace, shows Unispace study

Source: According to the study, there is also a misunderstanding between workers and their managers over what employees value and need in Canadian workplaces. TORONTO — Employers in Canada are struggling to convince their people to work from the office but are overlooking a willingness from employees to return in a four-day working week, according to a study by Unispace.

mental health survey

Survey finds 40% of workers taking time off due to mental-health concerns

Source: Two-fifths (40 per cent) of Canadian employees say they’ve taken time off work in the last five years due to mental-health concerns, according to a new survey by wellness benefits provider Heal-3 and the Future Skills Centre.

Employees invest in property to enhance remote working models

Source: Workers are spending their own money to make working from home more comfortable Workers seem to be so eager to work from the confines of their own homes that they are actually spending their own money to optimize their experience. More than half (55%) of workers valued a dedicated home office space so much they – at least in part – even purchased a new house because they needed a better home office, reported Office Depot.

How wellness is guiding employers, employees into the future workplace

Source: After nearly three years mired in the coronavirus pandemic, employers are beginning to put the pieces of their respective workplaces back together, using wellness as the cornerstone.

Can I fire an employee and replace them with AI?

Source: Employment lawyer weighs in on the human vs robot debate With more and more Canadian employers opting to dabble in ChatGPT and AI, employees are understandably anxious. Data from Robert Half’s recent survey, released this month, found that 37% of organizations are looking at generative AI – with 35% of Canadian companies already using the bots in organizational processes. As AI continues to grow and thrive, the question on both employers and employees’ lips is “Can a worker be fired and replaced by a robot?”

Soft skills versus digital skills: New poll finds Canadian workers want to re-skill but are being pulled in two directions

Source: Athabasca University study finds 3 in 4 Canadian employees want to learn new skills just to keep up with their job’s changing needs, including post-pandemic interpersonal re-skilling Athabasca, Alberta, March 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — New research by Athabasca University (AU) has found that more than three-quarters of Canadian employees (77 per cent) want to re-skill just to keep up with their job’s changing needs, with digital skills being a top priority among 70 per cent of respondents. At the same time, however, another priority is competing for attention. Three-quarters of employees (74 per cent) also want to improve their interpersonal, or soft skills, such as communication style, conflict resolution capabilities, relatability, and team-building.

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