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They become what we are.

Not what we say although we try to say the right things to our kids.

These little mirrors of ours become what we do .

And if we take a look into their bright eyes, something reflects back and lights the way. Like the chicken and the egg dilemma, I wonder who is really the mirror, and who is the reflection?

Adults get sprinkled with Frosty's magic during the holidays, too.

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Maybe that is one of the most precious gifts of the holiday season. A feeling of goodwillsprinkles down upon humanity like the first snow. Like Frosty in the classic special "Frosty the Snowman," at the first blustery whiff of the season we whirl and transform into a different self during the holidays a self that is lighter, more joyful, and more childlike. And our children are watching.

We become someone who spontaneously calls upon a neighbor to deliver a heartfelt gift. We think about the people who are the centerpieces of our lives our family members and the true friends who land feet-first into our hearts and we tell them how we feel. Our kids absorb this generosity of the soul like a sponge.

Oh, little mirrors. You shine and reflect the holiday season. If I act more like you, will you then become more like me? When you are older and have kids of your own, will you shine on?

This time of year, we become someone who plays. Yes, I'll make a snowman with you. Absolutely, there is time to light a fire. Sure, let's have a cup of hot chocolate. And we can sit next to our loved ones, and just be content with the season and the simple act of togetherness. Our little mirrors sit with us, reflecting the glow.

The traditions of the season allow for play. We decorate with lights and ornaments and ribbons and bows. We eat and drink with more abandon. We ski and sled and make snow angels. Is the holiday season the great enabler for adults to let go and play? Little mirrors, why don't we do it more often? "Just watch me year-round," you say, "and learn."

On Thanksgiving, my mom and her partner opened their home and their hearts for the feast, as always. As we gathered for the meal and paused before eating, I saw the contentment and gratitude on Mom's face. "My cup runneth over," she has said to me in the past. Big mirror, does my future hold such moments?

This time of year, we become someone who digs deep, and someone who gives. My two youngest dug deep at the annual road race on Thanksgiving morning. I saw them compete fiercely, flying down the track with grit and steadfast determination, giving it their all. Little mirror, is that me? Or did you catch a ray of light from my own dad, who ran with me so often when I was your age?

At the same race, my oldest didn't run. Instead, he served the 10,000-plus racers as one in an army of volunteers who prepared food and drinks. He was on his feet for four hours because he cared, because he wanted to be part of it because he wanted to give. Little mirror, you have already become much more than me.

Showing the way by giving.

In this magical season, we become generous . We become someone who doesn't just pass by the Salvation Army bell-ringer, but rather one who stops, turns around, and deposits some coins with a smile. Last week, I started to pass by. But a little hand next to mine tugged, and implored me to turn around. And I listened. Thank you, little mirror.

Will you keep reflecting onto me after the holidays are over? I think you will. And because I know you will become what I do , not what I say, I will catch your light again and again. Like Frosty after the transformative magic of Christmas snow, I will whirl and spin and shine brightly for you.

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