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On Attraction and Body Language

Men's body language can be sent from their face, their hand gestures, legs position and body posture. Attraction and body language goes hand in hand. It is difficult for a man to hide their attraction towards a woman especially when he is also sexually yearning for her. Hiding sweaty palms in pockets, using their handkerchief to wipe their forehead, these are all signs from men who are nervous when faced with women they are attracted to. Subtle actions like winking or lifting of eye brows can be a cute playful sign to show women that they are giving them extra attention or they are amused. When men felt intimidated or cornered during conflicts, they will fold their arms across their chest which acts as a protective barrier of sort. Men in serious thought will stroke their chin; when in deep complex thought will pinch the bridge of their nose; and when in frustration will pull their hair or clench their fist.

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Body language signs allow men to show how strong they are, to rise above others and to let women know they are searching for a mate. The stronger the maleness from their body language, the more women will be attracted to them. Body language is not something that can be taught. They are developed as men grow up. A born leader will have body language of a leader while a cowardly wimp will have body language of a wimp. Women can read it and detect what kind of man the person is.

Men's body language is the best kind of straight forward non-verbal communication. Largely perfected for hunting and mating in the ancient times, men are still unconsciously using it to hunt for their prey. Giving long eye contact is a sure way to let a woman know that he has his eyes and heart glued on her. Eyes tilted to one side or focusing on other things will show that the man is bored and has his attention elsewhere. When a man is lying, he will usually make a lot of hand gestures and touching of face. An annoyed man will stand with legs apart ready to launch an attack.

Body language signs are easily interpreted when it comes from a man. They are not known for pretending by using body language. That is why most male criminals easily gave away their guilt when confronted during interrogations. Women on the other hand can be good actors using body language and fake emotions. They can cry even when they are not sad or smile when they are not happy.

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