Peer to Peer Team Coaching

Explore the benefits of Peer to Peer Team Coaching

Peer to Peer Team Coaching is ideal for leaders who share common interests but may not have the same goal or objectives. A good example of this is a group of leaders in an organization with alignment around the company mission, vision, values, performance, customer satisfaction, and quality standards but with different key performance indicators to achieve based on their role and specific team targets.

Who would benefit most from peer to peer team coaching
◆ A group who works in a siloed environment and wishes to collaborate more effectively
◆ A group that has geographic challenges and do not have the opportunity to speak to each other
◆ A group who is under pressure from various areas and needs to find solutions
◆ A group who comes together but never shares common challenges and truly work together
◆ A group who is in internally fighting and competing with each other, making progress difficult
◆ A group of professionals who want to develop themselves for more success

Reap the many positive outcomes
◆ Create stronger peer relationships
◆ Build awareness and better self-regulation of suitable group behaviours
◆ Gain greater insight into the psychodynamic process of the group
◆ Improve probability of healthier changes and choices in behaviour
◆ Develop trust and support within the group
◆ Improve listening and communication
◆ Better manage conflict resolution
◆ Appreciate and align individual goals, strengths and values
◆ Embrace commitment and accountability
◆ Develop better coaching and leadership skills
◆ Increase emotional intelligence
◆ Improve awareness of the organization
◆ Discourage organizational silo creation
◆ Manage knowledge transfer
◆ Improve group energy levels
◆ Create high performance teams
◆ Attain better organizational results
◆ Achieve synergy and cost effectiveness


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