Resonant Leadership


Resonant Leadership

What is Resonant Leadership?

In the book titled “Becoming a Resonant Leader”  resonance is described “as a powerful collective energy that reverberates among people and supports high productivity, creativity, a sense of unity, a sense of purpose, and better results. The opposite of resonance is dissonance. Dissonant environments are marked by negative emotions like fear, anger, anxiety, pessimism and often extreme individualism.”

Resonant leaders are self aware, manage their emotions, create positive environments, encourage dialogue and engage in transparency. Our leadership development process embraces resonant leadership training and development. Our EQAgility insights is a powerful learning experience to leverage characteristics and behaviors around emotional intelligence learning to embrace these traits to become an agile and resonant leader.

Why makes EQAgilityInsights unique?
Our program provides deep insight into blind spots and opportunities for professional growth. Participants gain important insight to build out strong and relevant leadership skills to allow them to reach maximum potential as a leader to drive engagement, performance and innovation. EQ +Agility+Insights = leadership success that is sustainable and rewarding.

Why is this important?
Our research and experience have shown that skills alone don’t always make a successful leader. Without being able to express themselves, manage emotion and understand team members, achieving full potential and success can be more difficult and limiting. Conversely without having key skills for the role such as technical, knowledge and productivity the outcome is likely not to measure up to expectations. With a multi-tier generational workforce and constant need for adaptation and change the need to have agility has never been more important.

Why is our Approach Different?
Our professional ICF accredited coaching and leadership team has blended these two development strategies to provide leaders with the tools and insights to move forward with confidence and success. Integrating emotional intelligence with competency leader skills is a powerful combination and winning success formula for any leader regardless of what level they are it within their organization.

We approach each assignment with a clean page and formulate a plan to ensure ROI and a great experience for participants. Generally speaking we use a combination of informational meetings with the leader and their supervisor along with various profile tools that may include a Leadership Skills assessment that looks at multiple leadership competencies coupled with an Emotional Intelligence questionnaire that gives feedback and deeper insight into self-perception, recognizing and managing emotion, interpersonal relationships and empathy, stress management and decision making. Doing a 360-degree multi rater feedback might also be part of the strategy if appropriate. Let us explore this together to find the right solution for your organization to achieve objectives and desired outcomes that are sustainable.


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