Brian Epstein

Brian Epstein BComm, BEd, ACC

“The service and support provided by Brian was very helpful for my career re-positioning and options evaluation. I was in a unique career change position where Brian and I focused primarily on assessment and re-evaluation, overall resume restructuring and networking. His provided tailored-made strategic approach for my case. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Brian for being understanding, supportive and patient during the entire process.”

Brian Epstein is a dedicated and resourceful Coach with experience providing career consulting services to leaders, managers and other personnel from all levels of corporate, governmental and academic organizations.

Brian is an experienced adult trainer and career coach who teaches college-level courses on career and employment-related subjects. He has worked with clients from diverse backgrounds, providing support, feedback and insight to individuals and groups so that they can improve their personal effectiveness in business settings. His easy-going approach and sense of humour promote strong, collaborative relationships and realistic outcomes. Brian Epstein holds coaching certification from Coaches Training Institute.


For close to 20 years, Brian has honed his consulting and coaching acumen helping individuals flourish in their chosen professional fields. From students entering the workforce to Scientists, PhD and Fellowship clients right through to second-career executives, countless individuals have reaped the benefits of maximized career potential and enhanced performance. He has facilitated programs focused on Coping with Change, Effective Communication, Goal Setting, Stress Management, Problem Solving, Time Management, Diversity Training, Working in Teams, Conflict Management.



Coaches Training Institute, Coach Certification
Bachelor of Education, York University
Bachelor of Commerce, University of Ottawa
Designing Instruction, Friesen, Kay & Associates Training and Technology Course, Ryerson University Introduction to Adult Education, Seneca College