Conflict Resolution Coaching

Explore the benefits of Conflict Resolution Coaching

Ignored conflict can decrease productivity, could impact on safety and eventually lead to possible terminations. The Executive Coach Global team has developed a successful methodology to deal with workplace discord, dispute, tension, and quarrels through our conflict resolution coaching strategy. It features a very specific approach to bring the issues out on the table and have them dealt with.

Who would benefit most from Conflict Resolution Coaching

  • Two members of a team who have demonstrated they cannot work together
  • A situation that has gone on for a significant period of time and is having a negative team impact
  • Various solutions have been tried without resolving the matter
  • Two departments that have been toxic in working with each other and need resolution
  • A situation has reached a crisis that could involve a termination of a valuable team member

Reap the many positive outcomes

  • Explore and understand frame of mind and perspectives of the situation
  • Identify feelings and use constructive communication words to express them
  • Re-establish harmony and a professional work environment
  • Build and sustain professional relationships in more effective and healthy ways
  • Discover common ground and seek more creative solutions
  • Learn to compromise, set mutual limits and determine and respect those parameters
  • Understand the limitations of different relationships
  • Learn how to reduce and solve conflict in a faster, healthier way
  • Reduce tension and stress in the work environment
  • Increase communication and productivity