Coaching Team

Nance MacLeod – BA, PCC, CEC

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ICF Toronto – New President

Melissa Jones – B.A. (Hons) ,CHRL, MPP

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Julian Humphreys  PhD, PCC

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Stephen F. White  CHRL. MPA, MIR, ACC

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Jane Graydon - MBA, BCOMM, ACC 

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Wendy Woods  MBA, CPCC, ACC

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Claudia Aronowitz  BSc, MA Public Health, CPCC, ACC

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Taylaa Vardar - MA, PCC

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More About our Philosophy

When you select our team, you will encounter breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise in all facets of executive and leadership coaching, delivered by ICF accredited Coaches.  Our role is to inspire, probe, challenge and support your leaders to develop leadership excellence that aligns to your culture. ICF accredited coaches can be identified by the following three types of credentials: Associate Certified Coach, ACC, Professional Certified Coach, PCC, Master Certified Coach, MCC.

Pinpoint Focus on Results

All our team members are professionally trained Coaches with credentials from the pinnacle coaching training organizations. Our Coaches are business people at the core: executives and entrepreneurs who have worked in and with clients from over 30 industries. Everything that we’ve learned has evolved into a complete, proven support system to help our clients identify and transform to achieve new levels of success.

Each Coach is results-focused to create an environment that advances leadership growth through self-awareness and embracing new approaches and strategies to drive collaboration and innovation.

Methodology that Drives High Performance

Our proven, progressive approach will support your commitment to high-performing teams and organizational growth through the ongoing development of your management group. Executive Coaches are selected by the clients they work with to ensure ideal “fit”; based in trust and synchronized confidence throughout their journey to leadership brilliance. Our strategy is built on a strong foundation to unleash the full potential of individuals that will drive success and reach new milestones of growth.

Collaboration for Excellence

We look forward to collaborating with you to:

◆ proactively develop and retain critical talent
◆ champion bench-strength at all levels of management
◆ promote alignment of management (at all levels) to strategic business priorities
◆ enlighten, engage and inspire your leaders to strengthen their competencies and overall management excellence

Having dealt head-on with most of the challenges facing business and organizations today, our Coaches understand the critical importance of a trained, productive, aligned and engaged workforce. We bring strategy to today’s most pressing issues and pragmatic support to design achievable, value-added goals. Our clients walk away with prioritized, concrete actions, new tools and capabilities, and a plan for the future.