Our highly skilled International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited coaches bring a depth of experience in working with people to deliver timely and effective leadership solutions and strategies. Our coaching strategies are available in multiple languages.

Nance MacLeod PCC, CEC, C-IQ, PROSCI

Nance is an accomplished career and executive coach with a focus on leadership training, team engagement and change management.

Julian Humphreys PhD, MCC

Julian is an Executive and Leadership Coach passionate about helping leaders improve their effectiveness through self-awareness, emotional intelligence, authenticity, integrity and strategic thinking.

Claudia Aronowitz BSc, MAPublic Health, CPCC, PCC

Claudia is a certified coach and mediator with a focus on career transition, executive leadership coaching, training, team building, and conflict resolution.

Rosanne Lasowski CHRL, CHRP

An accomplished HR Professional with deep experience in providing strategic and tactical solutions towards optimal organizational performance.

Laurie Flasko CEC, CSP, PCC

Laurie is a certified executive coach who works with emerging leaders, managers, and executives to accelerate personal and professional growth.

Brian Epstein BComm, BEd, ACC

A dedicated and resourceful Coach with experience providing career consulting services to leaders, managers and other personnel from all levels of corporate, governmental and academic organizations.

Jane Graydon MBA, BCOMM, MCC

An Executive Coach and experienced thought partner who inspires leaders to realize their full potential and deliver unprecedented results through feedback, self-discovery and accountability.

Stephen White HBA, MPA, MIR, CPC, PCC, CHRL

A Certified Management and Executive Coach, Stephen applies in-depth business acumen and seasoned Human Resources expertise to career and life-enriching consulting.

Ann Fogolin BEd, MCC

A Seasoned Coach, Mentor, and Education Consultant with a Focus on Driving Success by Helping Clients Define Purpose and Find Meaning.

Curt Mandell MA, BSc, CPCC, ACC, PMP

Passionate about personal and professional growth, Curt inspires individuals and groups to reach the highest possible levels of performance and fulfillment. His Coaching approach instills confidence and purpose, infusing energy, creativity and joy.

Sandra Cabral CHRL

A strategic Human Resources Leader with a proactive and human-centric approach to creating collaborative environments that nurture high performance, employee engagement, growth and sustainability.

Sandy Henderson CEC, CTPC, PCC, BSc

A seasoned transformative consultant and strategy influencer with a passion for public sector work and a personal commitment to continuous improvement.

Talyaa Vardar MA, MCC

An Executive Coach, Facilitator and Creative Catalyst with a history of success in inspiring individuals and organizations to achieve more fulfilled performance and deeper awareness.

Crystal-Lee Olson, MA, ACC

A tactical leadership development professional and educator empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential.

Mark Beagan BA, CHRE, CCP, ACC

An accomplished Executive Coach and Trusted Advisor who specializes in guiding, inspiring and empowering leaders as they navigate transformational journeys.

Wendy Woods MBA, CPCC, PCC

An energetic and transformational Coach, Trainer and Speaker with hands-on business experience dedicated to achieving results for leaders, teams and their organizations.

Stéphane Coulier MSc, PCC

A passionate and insightful Coach committed to the professional growth and personal development of corporate leaders. With empathy, ethical leadership and strategic thinking, he fosters environments where leaders can thrive and enact positive change.

Tanya Smith BA, IDC, PCC

An ICF-certified Integral Development Coach with a passion for supporting the journey of discovery to optimize personal and professional strengths and empower goal achievement.

Christine Ni PCC

A passionate Career Coach dedicated to helping executives discover and overcome the barriers blocking them from achieving and enjoying success in a corporate environment.

Nehad Tadros MCC, BA

A Master Certified Executive Coach with a vast repertoire of international success in strategic organizational development and a keen focus on building a sustainable coaching culture.

Hadi Diallo, ACC, CEC, BSc

Hadi delivers Executive Coaching at a level that inspires leaders to gain clarity and focus and better engage their teams towards achieving and sustaining high performance.

Lely Chow, BSc

As a Search Consultant and Talent Acquisition Strategist, Lely draws on extensive experience exploring and fully understanding the unique needs of each client organization.

Aline Ayoub BA

Aline serves as a Career Coach and HR Consultant with Career Compass Canada with a focus on Career Transition and Executive Coaching.

Gary Busteed CHRP, HBA

Gary is a seasoned Human Resources business professional with extensive experience providing outsourced HR solutions for organizations of all sizes.

Tamsen (Thomi) Glover BA, MA, PhD(ABD), MDiv, CMC, PCC

A certified Executive Coach who builds capacity in individuals, teams and organizations to support them in living their mandates, navigating purposefully through turbulence and change.

Shena Mistry MSc, BA

A multi-faceted Career Coach with international laurels in Talent Acquisition – one who brings a clear focus on strategy, results and financial growth to her clients.

Terry Milford MA

An innovative HR Leader with a portfolio of progressive experience translating business visions into actionable initiatives to impact performance, profitability, and employee engagement.

Specialized Equine Assisted Training Team

Honorary Coach Christina

Intuitive and resouceful by nature, Christina brings a pedigree of intimacy and focus to her unique brand of coaching. She is an Emotional and Social Intelligence guru who helps clients harness the power of their potential.

Chris Irwin

Chris brings his unique brand of Primal Leadership to the benefit of organizations and individuals, offering innovative insights that develop soft skills to make better leaders.

Alexander (Al) Lutchin BA, APR

As CEO of Career Compass Canada and Executive Coach Global, Alexander plays a pivotal role in working with a multi-disciplinary professional HR and Coaching team to discover, develop and support impactful solutions for clients.