Explore the benefits of Leadership Development and Coaching

Leadership development training and one-on-one coaching at Executive Coach Global are custom designed to address the specific needs of each individual. Experienced leaders, emerging leaders and their organizations all benefit from favourable outcomes that are positive and sustainable.

The process begins with a discovery meeting with the company champion to understand gaps, issues, opportunities and desired outcomes of the leadership training. Understanding roles, responsibilities and scope are important elements in determining best program fit to achieve sustainable positive outcomes. Training can be done on site if appropriate meeting room space is available. Delivery can be in groups or one on one and sometimes involves a blend of the two formats. If required, participants will receive a personalized certificate signed by their accredited ICF leadership coach after successful completion of the program. Our learning platform is a combination of understanding leadership principles and strategies, developing soft skills and best practices around team engagement, collaboration, innovation and performance. Our training is delivered using the applied learning model to ensure sustainability and results.
Who would benefit most from leadership development training and coaching

  • Emerging Leaders and High Potentials
  • Newly promoted leaders
  • Leaders who have taken on greater responsibilities or are preparing to take on a more complex role
  • Leaders who have been transferred from another division or country
  • Leaders who have very strong technical skills and are looking to develop their soft skills to be the best people leader they can be
  • Leaders who want to build a strong, congruent team
  • Leaders who want to develop and enhance leadership skills
  • Leaders who want to improve productivity and build strong loyal relationships with their direct reports
  • Leaders who are leading in an environment of continuous change

Reap the many positive outcomes

  • Grow successful leadership competencies
  • Engage in succession planning & management
  • Improve interpersonal or communication skills
  • Develop and retain employees
  • Fine-tune priority-setting, time & focus management
  • Boost presentation and networking skills
  • Engage in self-awareness and professional development
  • Strengthen self-confidence, assertiveness and well-being
  • Master conflict-management skills
  • Identify and implement effective staff career and professional development

Our programs are custom designed to fit each assignment and implemented under the supervision of team experts in leadership, career and executive training and coaching.

We provide specialized workshops virtually and on-site covering many areas including but not limited to psychological safety, communication skills, conflict resolution, change management, career development, productivity, execution, preparation for internal job applications, supervisory skills, all levels of leadership development, engagement strategies for managers and preparing leaders to deal effectively with mergers and acquisitions. Our delivery models reflect each organization’s desired outcomes and typically are offered in both one-on-one coaching and workshops related to managing change and preparing staff to transition to a new business model. Professional Development is essential to keep skills relevant and provide the best conditions for advancement and alignment with changing goals, challenges, and business objectives.

Individual, Team & Organizational Assessments

Whether hiring, transferring or optimizing productivity, employers must continually analyze and develop an individual’s potential in terms of performance, engagement, leadership and alignment. The same continued analysis of potential holds true for teams and organizations. Executive Coach Global provides a comprehensive assessment approach along with consulting expertise to build a road map that helps bridge the gap between factors that limit and those that free individuals, teams and organizations to achieve higher results and a more effective and successful business.