Christina profile

Honorary Coach Christina

Intuitive and resouceful by nature, Christina brings a pedigree of intimacy and focus to her unique brand of coaching. She is an Emotional and Social Intelligence guru who helps clients harness the power of their potential.

When it comes to kicking your leadership quotient up a notch, there’s nothing quite like a power session with a talent like Coach Christina. With unbridled joy, she is instinctively drawn to confident, trustworthy leaders and demands nothing less from every client.

She brings an innate ability to spur an intentional view of your leadership presence, holding a mirror to your potential to build strong, successful teams in ways that simply cannot be experienced though traditional mentors or peers. Christina will help finesse your non-verbal, whole-body communication by improving timing, clarity and your power to influence others


A Texan by birth, Christina is a registered quarter horse with the American Quarter Horse Association. She spent her early career in Chesley, Ontario, cutting her teeth on professional training with Lisa Mayer, Head Trainer for Rocking Wolf Ranch. Now based in North Burlington, Ontario at Woodview Stables and part of the ECG team, she has the primary mandate of raising the bar on Equine-Assisted Coaching, in collaboration with Al Lutchin, Equine-Assisted Coach. Where Al has mastered the skills of corporate Equine-Assisted Personal Development coaching designed by Chris Irwin of Irwin Insights, Christina has an uncanny knack for helping clients nurture mental wellness, emotional regulation, mindfulness, and self-confidence.

Together they support our clients in developing leadership skills, improving team productivity and building accountability, while reducing operational stress, and alleviating post-traumatic stress disorder. Experiential development work with our clients and Coach Christina is done from the ground; there is no riding involved.


  • Equine-Assisted Coaching
  • High-Performance Coaching
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • Leadership
  • Executive Guidance
  • Mental Wellness & Fitness
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Operational Stress Mindfulness