The issue is causing mass resignations

One in three employees have reported feeling disconnected from their leadership teams, according to a new study, as interactions between employees and employers plunged amid the pandemic. The latest 2022 Global Culture Report from O.C. Tanner, which sought the responses of over 38,000 employees across 21 nations, revealed that 45% of workers said the number of people they interact with at work plunged over the past year, while 57% reported engaging in fewer activities.

“Without the opportunities or tools to meaningfully connect with each other, collaboration, wellbeing, and work performance suffer, and burnout increases,” the research said.

According to the study, weaker team connections can make employees “feel misaligned on the purpose of their work” and can lead to suffering from mild to severe burnout. They are also three times more likely to leave the organization within three years.

“Therefore, creating and maintaining strong connections among team members should be a priority for leaders to ensure the best possible employee experience, reduce the likelihood of fragmentation, and minimize risk to the organization,” the study reported.


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