Our definition of Health and Safety includes workplace mental health – does yours?

Source: www.hrmonline.ca What does it mean to be a mentally healthy workplace? Flexible working hours, on-site support staff or scheduled meditation breaks? The truth is that in order for an organization to count itself as fostering a psychologically safe environment, employers need to start thinking about mental health as a health and safety issue.   Read more of this article…  

Out of Work for Longer than a Year?

Source: cpiworld.com Out of work for longer than a year?  If so, you are part of the so called “long-term unemployed” folks.  This is obviously not a fun place to be.  While things seem to be improving on the employment scene, we still have a high percentage of long-term unemployed workers; 20.3% of total unemployed people are classified as long-term …

Turn Recruiting Into Your Competitive Advantage

Source: cpiworld.com Simon Parkin, Founder of The Talent Company, A Career Partners International Firm (CPI), has over 20 years of diverse recruitment and talent management experience.  As a CPI Partner, The Talent Company has provided Toronto, Canada with global expertise in talent development and career transition services. 

Five Questions to Ask When Considering an Outplacement Provider

Source: cpiworld.com Leading organizations realize that providing outplacement services shows respect to their former employees, improves retention and engagement with those who remain, and protects their employer brand.  I have yet to meet a decision maker who is not concerned with how business decisions, such as mergers, acquisitions and downsizings, affect their people, making outplacement programs even more valuable.  But, …

Avoid Losing More Than You Let Go

Source: cpiworld.com With over thirty years of experience, Career Partners International (CPI) has repeatedly demonstrated the value of quality outplacement services.  CPI makes the difficult process of a career transition as smooth as possible for candidates and clients.  Over 80% of participants working with CPI land in equal or better paying positions than they previously held. 

Got a career? Still think about upskilling

Source: theglobeandmail.com With the rapid changes in types and modes of work, learning new skills is critical for everyone, even those already employed, experts say. “It’s really the way of the future for the work force,” says Linda Franklin, president and chief executive officer of the advocacy organization Colleges Ontario.

Changing Times – Future Of Leadership And The Role Of Coaching

Source: businessworld.in Leadership development has come to the point of being too individually focused and elitist VUCA World It is beyond doubt and every Leader is thoroughly aware that they live in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) where things that were once certain, no longer are, and where our healthy way of doing business, making products, marketing and leading …