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Over 3 in 4 employees optimistic about AI’s impact at work: survey

Source: Concerns remain about effect on mental health, work-life balance, job security More than three in four employees feel positive about the impact of artificial intelligence at work, but doubts remain over its potential consequences, according to a new report.

The 3 biggest red flags hiring managers look for in resumes, according to new research

Source: If you use artificial intelligence to write your resume — or get a bit too creative with the design — you could be hurting your chances of landing a job.

Almost half of Canadians know little to nothing about AI: survey

Source: ‘There’s a lot of work to do to increase national AI readiness and Canadians’ understanding of and trust in AI’ With all the talk about the surge of artificial intelligence (AI) adoption across, many Canadians do not know much about it. More than two in five (43%) of Canadians say they know very little or nothing about the topic, reports TECHNATION.

Canadian employees have mixed emotions about impact of AI on career, skills: survey

Source: Canadian employees are feeling a mixture of emotions about the use of generative artificial intelligence, with 27 per cent saying it will have a positive impact on their career and 17 per cent worried it will make their skills obsolete, according to a new survey by Robert Half Inc.

Employers need to embrace career development to build a decent work future

Source: Candy Ho: Decent work is more than just good compensation and work conditions As we move into the second half of 2023, Canadian organizations and their employees are facing an uncertain outlook.