How Redbrick’s flexible holiday policy is supporting employee well-being, workplace DEI goals

Source: benefitscanada.com While Canadian culture has long been described as a mosaic, employers’ holiday policies are more likely to tie statutory holidays to Christian celebrations than reflect the country’s true multicultural identity. In 2022, to better support an increasingly diverse workforce in both Canada and the U.S., Victoria-based software company Redbrick formalized its policy of allowing employees to take personal significance days in lieu of stat holidays throughout the year.

Leadership the Key to Post-COVID Recovery

Source: https://cornerstone-toronto.com/ ALEXANDER LUTCHIN of CORNERSTONE TORONTO Across the world, we are collectively experiencing one of the most significant changes of our lives. The loss of physical touch, standing close to people without fear, and dinner out with friends. We have lost the option of celebrating milestone – birthdays, weddings, graduations, baby showers, holidays and cancelled vacations, the losses are mounting.

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