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3 Skills Trends Leaders Should Prepare For In 2024

Source: Workplace skills development should be a key priority for leaders and managers, not merely a nice-to-have benefit. The World Economic Forum noted that six out of 10 workers will need to be reskilled or upskilled before the year 2027, while in addition, we are facing a talent shortage due to the enormous skills gap, which makes skills development initiatives even more imperative. But what are the forces that are rocking skills acquisition globally? A closer look uncovers some shocking insights and trends which will impact your work as a leader, as revealed in Springboard’s latest State Of The Workplace report: 1. The Skills Gap Won’t Get Any Better…Yet “Nearly 40% of leaders say that the skills gap at their company has worsened in the last year and more than one in three say the current shelf life of hard skills is under two years,” shares Springboard of their research findings. Additionally, 70% of leaders agree that their organizations are facing a critical skills gap which is negatively impacting business performance, while nearly 40% believe that this gap is getting worse and has worsened over the past year. For the purposes of the study, over 1,000 professionals, including more…

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