Over half of Canadians are looking to make a full-blown career change this year – that’s according to new data from Indeed. Released earlier this week, Indeed’s market report found that while 46% of Canadian workers are considering switching jobs this year, 52% want to leave their current field for pastures new. So, why are people looking to jump ship? Well, according to the survey, 75% of employees say the pandemic has forced them to re-evaluate their options, 72% said they fear a lack of career progression in their current role, and 73% want great flexibility. However, the number one driver was found to be money – with 85% of workers craving a higher wage.

Other factors for leaving their current roles were found to be;

  • 66% are looking to work in a less stressful industry and 67% seek a less stressful job overall
  • 46% fear their current job will one day be obsolete
  • 53% are unhappy in their current role and industry
  • 66% want to work from home/work remotely
  • 69% are looking for industries that offer a four-day workweek
  • 57% seek careers/industries that accommodate the needs of parents or caregivers

So, where should employers look to hire in the Great Resignation? Well, according to Indeed’s Jodi Kasten, it all comes down to understanding the talent gaps and pushing for a better candidate experience.


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