When Mother Nature blanketed the Greater Toronto Area with layers of snow and ice in late 2018, 20,000 TD employees found themselves working from home. The 165-year-old company managed to sustain its operations with a small portion of its workforce working in sweatpants, all without compromising security. With roughly 25 million customers, many of whom access the bank’s services online daily, the pivot was deemed an impressive feat, according to Greg Keeley, executive vice-president of enterprise technology at TD.

“But we recognized we needed the capability to do more,” he says.

Five weeks before employees began clearing out the TD Centre towers downtown Toronto due to the pandemic, Keeley and other senior leaders got a clearer picture of what that added capacity had to look like thanks to information coming from TD’s Singapore offices.

By the time the Canadian-U.S. border was closed in mid-March, the enterprise had achieved enough remote capacity for 100,000 employees to work from home, compared to the 20,000 total from a month prior. This also meant that the majority of its contact centre staff was fully equipped to work from home as well.

“The capacity we’ve created in our network and the infrastructure we’ve put into those environments is one thing, but it’s only as good as that last mile,” Keeley says, referring to the quality of employees’ home internet connection. Ensuring they were set up with the right equipment took more than 15,000 newly purchased endpoint devices and additional training.

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