As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the nature of the workplace, Canadians now working from home are being forced to consider how never leaving the office could be a detriment to their mental health.

The shutdown that has forced many employees to stay put and do their jobs remotely is erasing the divisions between work and their personal lives.

“We kept this wall between home and our work life and we tried to pretend that neither existed when we’re on our different spaces, but now that’s all gone,” David Zweig, associate professor of organizational behaviour and human resources management at the University of Toronto, told BNN Bloomberg in a phone interview.

This lack of a healthy work-life balance could be helping fuel Canadians’ mounting anxieties surrounding the COVID-19 crisis and its ripple effect on their finances. Jordan Friesen, national director for workplace mental health at the Canadian Mental Health Association says long work hours and the stress surrounding the pandemic are inextricably linked.

“Based on the data, the amount of hours people are putting into work certainly seems unsustainable,” he said in a phone interview. “From my perspective, it certainly could contribute to issues of burnout.”

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