I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram when all of a sudden, I saw it: one of my favorite former clients (I will call her Katie) and my celebrity coach crush—together. I couldn’t believe my eyes, or the flood of emotions in my heart. Why was Katie there? Why didn’t she tell me she was going to be in the area attending that event? If she wanted to work with a coach, why didn’t she come back to me? What does that coach have that I don’t? My head was spinning trying to make sense of what I was seeing. With the flood of adrenaline my brain, I was processing this Instagram picture as a threat.

My emotions were getting the best of me until I took a step back to explore the facts. I had gifted Katie the celebrity coach’s book for her birthday. She loved it. The lessons were spot on and made her feel understood, so she started following the celebrity coach online. When the coach went on tour for her new book, Katie was there to support her. Isn’t that beautiful? And, in a small way, I did that. And most importantly, it helped Katie, and isn’t that what being a coach is about? Meeting our clients where they are and empowering them go after what they want and need in life. Looking at the picture again as my emotions were fading away, I now saw the huge smile on Katie’s face. I clicked the “love” icon and left a comment telling Katie that I couldn’t wait to hear about the experience. And I meant it.

As a business owner, comparison and jealousy can be a daily distraction. They can play with your head, zap your attention and mental energy. Those emotions can even make you doubt yourself and pull back from your business. So, what can you do to process your feelings and minimize the distractions that jealously and comparisons can be?


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