Uncertainty defined 2022, a tumultuous year in which war, pandemic and climate change reigned over the stage. While a new cycle looms large, the unpredictability that shaped the past 12 months lingers on. With momentous possibilities on the table — a deep or a shallow recession, the continuation of a costly war or peace, new vs. old leadership and much more — four workplace trends have the potential to make or break organizations in 2023.

Personal Security Wanted
It shouldn’t be news that Gen Z, the youngest generation to join the workforce at a time of turmoil and complex changes, craves security. The need for stability is especially pronounced among new job seekers who are entering the workplace right now. For this cohort, security, well-being and mental health are closely intertwined — a trend that companies on the hunt for new talent should address not only through wellness but also belonging.

For a generation that’s learned that workers are disposable by watching older cohorts get wooed and dumped, work-life balance is not a perk but a basic expectation. Notably, employees may prefer a workplace that respects their personal lives (e.g., reasonable schedule, flexible work arrangements, extended parental and family leave and others) more than one filled with amenities.


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