VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – As we are warned of more cases of COVID-19, small businesses in Canada say a second wave would be devastating.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business is urging federal and provincial governments to do everything possible to avoid further shutdowns and ensure strong and immediate economic supports are in place.

“We’ve had time to prepare, to make sure that the public is prepared from a safety perspective. But we’ve also had time to make sure that the economic supports are not only in place, but perfected,” Dan Kelly with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business says.

The CFIB wants supports for businesses rolled out immediately, if needed. Kelly says it was understandable that they weren’t available right out of the gate when COVID-19 first arrived, but things have since changed.

“There are no excuses. I mean, for goodness sakes, we’ve had the pandemic with us for six, seven months,” Kelly says.

“So we need to have governments prepared to ensure that there are supports ready to go the minute that any additional business closures are issued. And, of course, we are hoping that there are no, or very few, business closures along the way.”


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