There may be no better time for Canadians to switch jobs given record low unemployment and the tight labour market. Yet many workers worry about making a change as the economy slows and recession fears mount, bringing with it the increased risk of layoffs. The fear is becoming a victim of a ‘last one hired, first one fired’ scenario.

Still, for those unhappy in their current role, exploring new opportunities – and eventually landing a new role – may be worth the effort, even in tougher economic times, says Jill McDonough, co-founder of Upwardly Careers, a Calgary recruiting agency.

“It’s not really about whether it’s a recession or a boom time,” she says. “Typically, when someone is looking to change their job it’s because either they believe they’ve changed or the company they’re working for has changed, and they need a better fit.”

A recent survey by ADP Canada found 24 per cent of respondents were new in their current role. Of those still considering a move in the next six months, nearly nine in 10 indicated compensation as the most important driver, the survey found.


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