Many people find it difficult to determine the last time they were energized and fully engaged at work.

Increasing workloads and time pressures are adding stress to our working lives and driving us to look for more efficient ways to get the work done. This has translated into a push for more digital solutions. As we spend more time on screens, we spend less time in direct contact and socially interacting with each other. For many, work is becoming more isolating, uncertain and less engaging.

We operate best, with the most creative energy, when we connect with those around us in a supportive community where we have some element of control. It helps us deal with the stress we all experience in and outside of work. However, the support mechanisms that help us build the resiliency necessary to manage the stress in our lives are being eroded in the drive for digital efficiency; we are forgetting the human element. This is contributing to a widespread rise in the stress people at all levels of an organization are experiencing with all of its negative consequences.


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