work-life balance

Over 3 in 4 employees optimistic about AI’s impact at work: survey

Source: Concerns remain about effect on mental health, work-life balance, job security More than three in four employees feel positive about the impact of artificial intelligence at work, but doubts remain over its potential consequences, according to a new report.

The Fallacy Of Work-Life Balance

Source: For decades, the term “work-life balance” has been touted as the ideal state that all professionals should strive for—a harmonious equilibrium between the demands of work and the joys of life.

Nearly One-Third Of Workers In Canada Feel Tired Or Overworked – ADP Survey

Source: A new survey by ADP Canada, conducted with Maru Public Opinion, reveals over half (53%) of workers in Canada report having a negative feeling about work and nearly one-third (30%) feel tired and overworked, shedding light on the crucial need for a renewed focus on work-life balance, compensation, and family considerations in the evolving workplace.

Canada among top countries for work-life balance: report

Source: Canada ranks No. 9 among the top 10 countries with the best work-life balance, according to a new report by Remote Technology Inc. The report examined 60 countries and assessed factors such as minimum wage, sick leave, maternity leave, health-care availability, public happiness, average working hours and LGBTQ2S+ inclusivity.