A new survey by ADP Canada, conducted with Maru Public Opinion, reveals over half (53%) of workers in Canada report having a negative feeling about work and nearly one-third (30%) feel tired and overworked, shedding light on the crucial need for a renewed focus on work-life balance, compensation, and family considerations in the evolving workplace.

With a third of workers reporting they feel overworked and tired, it’s not surprising that work-life balance is the top priority for almost a third (29%) of respondents and in the top three priorities of nearly seven-in-ten (68%). Compensation and benefits and family considerations round out the top three priorities for workers in Canada.

The survey indicates that Millennials and Gen X workers are notably more inclined to prioritize work-life balance (30%), while Boomers prioritize their families (26%). Gen Z, on the other hand, is less likely to prioritize compensation (13%) than the other generations.


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