Dr. Vince Molinaro, CEO of Leadership Contract Inc., is a NY Times best-selling author, board adviser & leadership accountability expert.

One of the most frequent questions I get asked in my work with high-potential leaders is: What does it really take to become an executive-level leader?

Becoming an executive can represent an amazing career opportunity. However, success is not guaranteed. I have found that, through my own executive roles and in collaborating with seasoned executives from around the world, there is a lot to the role that is not always apparent. Many things are implicit, and you only learn about them through being in the role and trial and error.

Here are some hidden elements of being an effective and successful executive leader that I have learned in my career. I summarize them below using the acronym: EXECUTIVE.

E: Embrace real ownership.

Many new executives fail to grasp how critical personal ownership is to their success. They may understand it intellectually but may not grasp it in a visceral sense. What this means is that you must take full ownership of outcomes—both the successes and failures.


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