The pandemic opened up opportunities for workers to earn higher salaries and secure better benefits—all from the comfort of home. Here’s how five employees landed remote gigs, in their own words.

Helen Chen
When I was in high school, I moved from my hometown of Nanjing, China, to Seattle, where I lived with a host family. I went to university for early-childhood education and teaching and later moved to Canada, where I did my master’s in curriculum studies at the University of Toronto. I graduated in May 2020, and by September, I’d found a job at a tutoring company training teachers and developing learning materials….

Alissa Clayton
I was living in a Toronto condo with my fiancé when we both started working from home. We’d always wanted to move away from downtown—our dream was to live on a lake no further than 90 minutes from the city—and the pandemic was the push we needed.

In January 2021, we bought a place in Little Britain, on Lake Scugog, which is an hour and a half from Toronto. We each got our employer’s okay to continue working remotely. But I still worried that there would be a mandate to return to the office, at least part-time. I decided to look for a remote job to remove that risk….


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