Exploring the problems and solutions of managing employee engagement.

Let’s start with a harsh reality—despite billions spent annually on employee engagement surveys, initiatives, and consultants, most companies are still struggling with disengaged workers. All the fancy assessments, town halls, and free snacks in the office don’t seem to be moving the needle on engagement levels. It’s time to admit we have a fundamental flaw in how we approach this critical issue.

Problems with Measuring and Managing Engagement
The crux of the problem? We’re relying on obsolete models and methods that simply don’t align with the modern workforce and workplace. Most companies are stuck in the one-size-fits-all mentality when it comes to engagement. Generic frameworks and standardized surveys dominate the landscape, overlooking the unique dynamics and needs of different teams and departments. Further, these outdated models simply don’t align with the dynamics of the modern workforce and work environments. Traditional engagement models were designed for a different era—one with minimal remote work, rigid hierarchies, and employees who would stay at the same company for decades. This world was long but is now gone! It’s time to break free from this cookie-cutter approach and embrace the power of customization.


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