After losing sleep and developing an eye twitch from work-related anxiety, Dhwanil Kshatriya says he decided it was time to tell his employer he felt overworked.

But instead of being met with compassion, Kshatriya says he was told by higher-ups to “find a way” to deal with the workload. Kshatriya says he hoped HR would support him, but he was ultimately laid off.

“I felt like they could have handled this much better,” Kshatriya told Global News.

The 26-year-old was a senior business analyst for about a year and a half before receiving a severance package from his agency on May 14 — his birthday.

“My boss’s boss said to me, ‘If you have any problem or if there’s some work that’s not within your scope, you should not say no. You should never say no. Your reflex has got to be you will do it.’… So I was pretty thrown off hearing that from him,” Kshatriya told Global News.

A new survey suggests Kshatriya is far from the only Canadian worker feeling burnt out.


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