Shifting work arrangements challenge employee experience

On the onset of hybrid work across the world, an overwhelming number of executives are confident that their company cultures will remain under the new working arrangement.

A study from global professional services firm Genpact revealed that 97% of 500 senior executives from large global enterprises believe that they can maintain a shared culture under hybrid work.

However, emerging working arrangements do not come without challenges, as the report also found out that 91% of executives agreed that employee interactions have shifted toward problem solving instead of socialising with colleagues.

Integrating new hires have also become an issue, with 48% of the executives pointing out that remote work negative impacted their organisation’s ability to integrate new hires into their culture.

Even existing employees within organisations saw changes in their relationships – with 42% saying that remote working had a negative impact in the connection between senior and junior leaders.

“The rapid shift to remote work has been one of the most important management innovations of the past 20 years. It’s proven work can be done remotely at scale. But in a post-pandemic world, leading companies will be defined not just by their ability to get work done, but in their ability to create agile, adaptable, hybrid work environments that allow culture and creativity to thrive,” said Genpact chief executive officer (CEO) Tiger Tyagarajan in a statement.


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