How Redbrick’s flexible holiday policy is supporting employee well-being, workplace DEI goals

Source: While Canadian culture has long been described as a mosaic, employers’ holiday policies are more likely to tie statutory holidays to Christian celebrations than reflect the country’s true multicultural identity. In 2022, to better support an increasingly diverse workforce in both Canada and the U.S., Victoria-based software company Redbrick formalized its policy of allowing employees to take personal significance days in lieu of stat holidays throughout the year.

How to handle conflict of interest concerns in the workplace

Source: What constitutes a conflict of interest? Employment lawyer weighs in BBC chairman Richard Sharp recently resigned from his post after a report found he’d “failed to disclose potential perceived conflicts of interest” over supposed dealings with then Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Canadian employers are struggling to attract people back to the workplace, shows Unispace study

Source: According to the study, there is also a misunderstanding between workers and their managers over what employees value and need in Canadian workplaces. TORONTO — Employers in Canada are struggling to convince their people to work from the office but are overlooking a willingness from employees to return in a four-day working week, according to a study by Unispace.

Are your employees practising hybrid work etiquette?

Source: HP partners with Debrett’s to offer 10 tips on maintaining professional standards while working from home We’ve heard plenty of stories about employees not being on their best behaviours during hybrid meetings — from wearing pyjamas, walking around the room, interrupting others on Zoom calls or doing other work while the meeting is ongoing.

Top Ten HR Trends For The 2023 Workplace

Source: As we enter 2023, the future of work has become the now of work. Many of the changes which started during the pandemic were accelerated and have become permanent aspects of our working lives. Just as I have done in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022, here is my countdown of what you should include on your HR roadmap for 2023.

Work and our mental health

Source: With our mental health strained and workplace arrangements changing, it’s time for an in-depth look at what’s needed to improve matters. Everything is connected. It is not enough, as Premier Doug Ford sometimes seems to think, to throw up a few “Open For Business” signs at the Ontario border, note the 300,000 or so job vacancies in the province, then look no farther at what is an ongoing crisis in mental health and ongoing revolution in the way people work.

Executives confident of maintaining culture amid hybrid work

Source: Shifting work arrangements challenge employee experience On the onset of hybrid work across the world, an overwhelming number of executives are confident that their company cultures will remain under the new working arrangement. A study from global professional services firm Genpact revealed that 97% of 500 senior executives from large global enterprises believe that they can maintain a shared culture under hybrid work.

workplace wellbeing

Workplaces can no longer afford to ignore employee well-being: Jennifer Moss

Source: Companies may find transactional-only relationships with employees won’t work The early days of the pandemic caused a major disruption in how we work and those ripple effects are still being felt today. Multiple surveys continue to warn of a mass departure across the Canadian workforce. According to one survey by the Canadian Centre for the Purpose of the Corporation, 42 per cent of Canadian employees say they’re considering changing their job or entire career in the next year.

workplace covid19

46% of Canadian employees are scared of contracting COVID in the office

Source: Almost half of Canadians are nervous about contracting COVID-19 on returning to their workplaces. According to emerging research from Canada Life, 46% of Canadian employees currently working from home have expressed anxiety over office reopening and what that means for health and safety.

workplace racism

Racism harms workplace relationships in Canada, CEOs expected to take action: Survey

Source: TORONTO — Racism is harming workplace dynamics in Canada, with nearly 80 per cent of Black Canadians saying racism has damaged their relationship with their employer, according to new research released Tuesday. That’s nearly double the reported response from the general population and is followed closely by South Asian employees, with nearly two-thirds also reporting that workplace racism has damaged their employer relationship.

Leadership the Key to Post-COVID Recovery

Source: ALEXANDER LUTCHIN of CORNERSTONE TORONTO Across the world, we are collectively experiencing one of the most significant changes of our lives. The loss of physical touch, standing close to people without fear, and dinner out with friends. We have lost the option of celebrating milestone – birthdays, weddings, graduations, baby showers, holidays and cancelled vacations, the losses are mounting.

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