Employees most unhappy with ‘belonging,’ finds survey

There is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to employers’ diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging programs, according to workers.

While 89% of employers have programs in place to support DEI&B, 62% of employees feel their company is not doing what it needs to do to be truly committed to creating a workplace that supports it, WebMD Health Services reported.

The 62% are divided among those who say the program helps a lot of employees but could do better (52%), those who say most of those who need support are not getting help (7%) and those who say all of those who need support are not getting it (3%).

“Although most employees work for companies with DEI&B programs, the majority are not experiencing the benefits,” said Christine Muldoon, vice president of strategy at WebMD Health Services. “Programs and policies aren’t enough on their own. What is needed now are strategies that can leverage those programs so they change workplace culture at all levels.

“This commitment, combined with effective accountability, can empower employees to bring their best contributions and authentic selves to the workplace.”

DEI efforts are expected to move forward despite growing pushback from employees, predicted Gartner in a separate report.


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