Nearly a quarter (21 per cent) of Canadian employees say they don’t perceive their workplace as supportive, according to Telus Health’s latest mental-health index.

The survey, which polled 3,000 Canadians, found the average mental-health score among those who don’t view their workplace as supportive was 19 points lower than those who said the opposite. Indeed, 45 per cent of workers said they don’t have relationships with people they trust at work, with younger workers more likely to say they lack trusted relationships.

In January, the overall average mental-health score of workers in Canada was 63.5, a slight decline from December (63.8). A third (33 per cent) of employees had a high mental-health risk, while 45 per cent had a moderate mental-health risk and 22 per cent had a low mental-health risk.

Meanwhile, nearly half (47 per cent) of respondents rated their company’s culture around mental health favourably, while 15 per cent had negative perceptions and this group’s mental-health score was at least 18 points lower than those who rated their company’s culture positively.


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