Survey finds employers lacking when it comes to strategy, vision, DEI and culture

Nearly three-quarters (74%) of organizations feel that internal communication is important for culture and belonging, but few are delivering the necessary messages to do this, according to a recent report from Gallagher.

This is because far fewer companies have communicated some items necessary to foster that culture over the past year:

  • strategy, vision and purpose (45%)
  • diversity, equity and inclusion (29%)
  • values, behaviors, culture (27%)
  • wellbeing and mental health (27%)
  • benefits, rewards and compensation (26%)
  • employee recognition stories and awards (24%)
  • ways of working (20%)
  • new digital platforms and systems (14%)
  • new regulations, ethics, compliance (14%)
  • career paths, mentoring and coaching (8%)

Internal communications became “a little more challenging” for 52.6% of companies with the post-COVID shift to remote and hybrid work, while it was “very challenging” for 27%, according to a previous report.